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May 4, 2013
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YOUNG JUSTICE: Lagoon boy by philbourassa YOUNG JUSTICE: Lagoon boy by philbourassa
Lagoon Boy! Puffer mode! Definitely my favorite aspect of this guy (besides his proclivity for swooping in on vulnerable Martian Girls after a messy break up) is his ability to go into puffer mode. In a rare instance where design alters the approach to the way a character is written, it was decided that since I drew him with his lips pulled so far back from his teeth in this mode, he wouldn't be able to actually talk when he puffs up and would be reduced to grunts and roars. It's kinda fun because it turns him into this under water Hulk type of dude.
My biggest visual inspiration for this design was, believe it or not, the Kool-Aid Guy. Yeah, the red pitcher of Kool-Aid with arms, legs and a face who breaks through walls and says, "OH, YEAH!", haha.

Also, and I probably shouldn't say this but whatever, I saw early digital sculpts of a Lagoon Boy Puffer Mode toy that Mattel was working on before the line was cancelled. How dope would that have been?!
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Oops. Wrong character. Sorry.

I actually LIKED Lagoon Boy. A lot, I mean. And I felt sorry for him because he really was just M'gann's rebound guy and actually, he took it quite well. He even helped look after her once she'd broken up with him. I don't really get why people say he's 'coming between Conner and M'gann' because there was nothing to come between. M'gann tried to tamper with Conner's mind and Conner got understandably upset and broke up with her. And when M'gann was ready to apologise for what she did, she broke it off with Lagoon Boy. It's not as though he particularly dictates her actions. He loves her, and he's clingy, and a little paranoid and jealous. And nobody's perfect, after all. 
I agree i feel bad for all the hate he got and he really wasn't bad he just like M'gann and i didn't think he wanted to take her away from Conner! :( (Sad) 
Would be a cool character trait for Injustice :)
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